Japanese Exchange Program

Attention Parents /Guardians:

The Japanese student exchange program is looking for host families for the upcoming school year. Hosting a high school student from Okinawa Japan is a fabulous opportunity to experience an exchange of cultures and traditions. The students selected to participate have studied English for years, and are looking for the chance to put what they have learned into practice.

The Japanese students pay their own expenses (dining out, tickets, clothing, etc.) and the host family is offered two choices for reimbursement of the general costs (utilities, food, etc.) of having an additional family member. You can choose either to receive a monthly stipend, or the opportunity to send your child (age 14+) to Japan for one month the following summer with expenses paid. (Students from West Burlington have already taken advantage of this opportunity to visit their exchange student’s families and experience Japanese culture first-hand!)

If you are interested in hosting a student, or just wish more information, please contact Larisa Conner at [email protected] or (319) 754-1688. You can also contact the principals at the respective buildings.

Okinawa Shogaku Junior and Senior High School –  http://www.okisho.ed.jp/en

Click on the link below to access a questionnaire for prospective host families.

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