Staff Directory

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Admin Office

Last Name First Name Responsibilities Phone Ext Email Address Website
Administration Office FAX 754-9382
Administration Office 752-8747
Thuleen Bruce Bd Member
Schmitt David Superintendent 3003
Brown Shawna Secretary 3001
Finke Kristin Secretary 3002
Crowner Andy Bd. President
Boughton Lee Bd. Member
Hockett Dan Bd. Member

Jr./Sr. High School

Last Name First Name Responsibilities Phone Ext Email Address Website
Boys PE Office 1552
AD Office 1156
JH Office 1385
Comp Lab 1157
Work Rm 1252
Conf Room 1260
Copy Room 1358
Auditorium 1452
Girls PE Office 1555
Weight Rm 1404
Trainer Rm 1402
Wrestling 1406
Music Rm 1565
Adams Mark Instructional Coach 1360 Website
Amenell Jenna Associate
Bates Shannon Spanish 1164
Blin Shawn Social Studies/Model Teacher 1257
Bourg Marianne Special Ed. 1383
Carr Liz Media Center Associate 1258
Cordts Nube Autism Associate 1385
Crockett Myron Associate
Curry Shelby PE/Coach/Health 1552
Darnall Marianne Art/Mentor Teacher 1362
Dochterman Pam Kitchen/Associate
Dreckmeier Jean Associate
Edgecomb Ethan Maintenance
Eilers Jay Special Ed/Coach 1552
Erickson Jeff TAG 1250/2212
Eveleth Mark Band 1566
Ferguson Tom HS Language Arts 1256
Ferrell Susan Science 1268
Fitzgibbon Patricia Jr. High Math/Financial Literacy 1389
Fountain Taylor Industrial Technology 1373
Graber Jason Maintenance
Gurius Michael P.E./Coach 1552
Hall Kim Associate
Hemphill Randy Bus Driver
High School 754-6567
High School FAX 754-0075
Housel Jeff Math/Athletic Director 1154/1156
Illian Joel Special Ed 1383
Jameson Christy Associate 1157
Jones Mike Assistant Principal 1351 Website
Kessel Andrew JH Language Arts 1376
Kesterke Terry Bus Driver
King Monica Jr. High Computers/Math 1381
King Stephanie Nurse 1354/2205
Lachnitt Carmen 5th/6th Band 1565/2317
Luttenegger Brian Maintenance
Machholz Risa Associate
Martin Jenell Special Ed./Mentor Teacher 1163
Mayer Betty English/ELL/Reading 1255
McCollum Jason JH Social Studies 1378
McElroy Brittney JH/HS Social Studies 1271
McPherson Patty Head of Kitchen 1558
Merrick Benjamin JH/HS Language Arts 1265
Messamaker Paula Transportation Director
Meyer Marlo JH Language 1377
Miller John Associate
Moad Marc Social Studies/Special Ed. 1162
Moffitt Mike Math/Coach/Model Teacher 1165 Website
Moraniec Mac Network Administrator 1020
Prickett Nate Head of Maintenance 1369
Radloff Mike JH Science/Coach 1368
Reed Cindee Business/Model Teacher 1160
Reed Vern At Risk/Corners 1157
Reid Susan SCC Adjunct English Instructor
Ridenour Kelly Family Consumer Science 1375
Robinson Dean Science 1166
Roed David Technology Coordinator 1251/2013
Roelfs Brandee Computers/Media Specialist 1262/2212 Website
Ryan Amy Guidance Counselor 1259
Sanchez Celia Associate
Schnellbacher Jean Language/Speech/Journalism/Model Teacher 1254
Siebers Annette JH/HS Music 1567
Snodgrass Bruce Junior/Senior High School Principal 1352
Snodgrass Jodi Jr. High Lang Arts/Reading/Model Teacher 1379
Stinemates Vicki Attendance Secretary 1350
Storch Mary Registrar/Secretary 1353
Todd Connie Associate
Weber Patrick Science 1170

Elementary School

Last Name First Name Responsibilities Phone Ext Email Address Website
Work Rm 2209
Music Rm 2314
Bartels Robin Secretary 2105
Bergman Nicole Associate
Bolding C.J. Associate
Broeg Don Maintenance
Bush Magan 2nd Grade 2110 Website
Carter Connie Associate
Claypool Amber 1st Grade/Model Teacher 2220 Website
Crawford Tamara Associate
Dotson Sherrie 1st Grade 2219 Website
Elementary School 754-5726
Elementary School FAX 758-6768
Elliott Jami 3rd Grade 2506 Website
Erickson Jeff TAG 1250/2212
Garrels Cathy Transitional Kindergarten 2109
Gunn Lindsay 3rd Grade/Model Teacher 2505 Website
Hackett Ashley At Risk/Model Teacher 2301
Henry Kayla 5th Grade/Kayla Henry 2308 Website
Hillyard Miranda Kindergarten 2111 Website
Hoskins Dana 4th Grade 2217
John Diane Speech/Hearing 2214
Junker Bakerink Rhonda Maintenance 2502
Kenel Alice Vocal Music/K-5 General Music 2316
King Stephanie Nurse 1354/2205
Klinedinst Karen Associate
Lachnitt Carmen 5th/6th Band 1565/2317
Laffoon Brenda Kindergarten 2114 Website
Lamb Tina 2nd Grade 2216 Website
Leopard Kristy 4th Grade 2510 Website
Levinson Tamara Counselor 2103
Marlow April 1st Grade 2112 Website
Melssen Jodi Title One 2200
Mickey Laura 3rd Grade/Mentor Teacher 2500 Website
Milligan Melissa Associate
Mineart Jody 4th Grade 2507 Website
Moraniec Mac Network Administrator 1020
Morey Jill 4th Grade 2218 Website
Nehring Terry 5th Grade 2509 Website
Nelson Martha Secretary 2101
Pilger Amy Media Associate 2211
Rector Kim Preschool 2116 Website
Riffel Judy Associate
Ritters Theresa Elementary Principal 2102 Website
Roed David Technology Coordinator 1251/2013
Roelfs Brandee Computers/Media Specialist 1262/2212 Website
Ruther Christa Special Ed. 2304
Schmidt Tammy 5th Grade 2307 Website
Shaw Melissa Associate
Shelman Ryan P.E. 2401
Sherwood Alicia Instructional Coach 2212 Website
Shipp Corina 5th Reading/Language/Mentor Teacher 2300 Website
Sleister Sheila 2nd Grade 2210 Website
Springsteen Amber Kindergarten 2115 Website
VanScoy Lynette Special Education 2303
Vedder George K-6 Art 2306
Watkins Sara 3rd Reading/Language/Model Teacher 2508 Website
Williams Dana 2nd Grade/Mentor Teacher 2215 Website
Zurita Sarah Title One 2201

The school district does not discriminate in its education programs or educational activities on the basis of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, age, marital status (for programs), sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status (for programs), creed or disability. Students are educated in programs which foster knowledge of, and respect and appreciation for, the historical and contemporary contributions of diverse cultural groups including those of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, religion, creed, and socio-economic background, as well as men and women, to society. The programs include contributions and perspectives of Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, American Indians, and European Americans. Students who feel they have been discriminated against are encouraged to report it to the school district Affirmative Action Coordinator.

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