Plans for Monday 2/15/20

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Monday’s weather is looking precarious.  Today, with the windchill, the temperature is about -14 as we near 8:00.  Monday’s current projection for the same time is about a -23. This can cause frostbite for exposed skin in about 30 minutes.
We are not calling a virtual day as of today, but will be monitoring it closely over the weekend and will make a decision by Sunday.  We are currently putting everyone on notice of the potential for a virtual day on Monday and to make plans accordingly.
  • Teachers please make sure students have all materials including devices to work from home on Monday should we make the decision for a virtual day on Sunday.
  • Parents please make the necessary back-up plans should we need to move to this day.
In the world of windchill, the temperature change between a regular start at 8:00 and a late start at 10:00 is minimal.
If we hold school on Monday, we will start at our regular time.  While this seems counterintuitive to many, this step maintains the regular routine for families to drop students off rather than potentially having students walking to school or being shuttled to and from additional locations.
As well if they do regularly walk, there is a greater potential that someone is available to monitor that they are sufficiently clothed for the weather. Please help impress upon them the seriousness of the weather.
Again, to recap
  • We are currently preparing for the potential of a virtual day on Monday, February 15th,
  • I will communicate with you on Sunday if we will be having a virtual day.
  • If we do not have a virtual day, we will go to school on-time.
It isn’t the first time we have had really cold weather and it won’t be the last, but I do believe it always deserves our respect.
Looking forward in the weather forecast, it appears that after this blast we will see a moderation in temperature and hopefully the potential of ice will be gone as well.
I appreciate everyone’s understanding and support and helping to ensure the safety of our students.  Spring will be here soon.
Thank you!
Lisa Beames
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