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    I had this article started... actually almost finished... before the 1st and as usual, my procrastination to put the finishing touches has led me in a different direction. 

    Last night as I was winding down from a day of working with data, I was flipping through recent articles on one of my feeds.  I came across an article out of Harvard Business School that caught my eye.  It was on the science of “Happiness” and its study in their MBA program.  I was intrigued as I had read about this in the past and thus started down that road again...I wasn’t going to sleep anyway as the weather often keeps me up this time of year. So why not.

    This morning when I awoke and as I was waiting for my truck to warm up and de-ice, I started going through my emails from the weekend. I came across one that I received from a teacher sharing a video by George Couros, a recognized speaker and now podcaster about educational leadership. His podcast had short clips of other leaders he had interviewed throughout the year. Each spoke about what they have learned about teaching and learning during this pandemic, both from a student perspective and a teaching perspective. Several of the clips circled back to the meaning and finding of happiness.

    I am no expert on happiness but have come to a personal conclusion that it is not to be found in things as much as in the moments of life.  We often believe that when I have this or complete that, I will be happy.  But to me, at this moment happiness is the experiences of life, both good and bad, both easy and challenging...like a pandemic…. that brings us to an appreciation of the sweet simplicity of being alive and in the lives of others. Read more

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