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  • Superintendent's Message

    Interim Superintendent Remarks
    Kenneth Marang, Ph.D.

    I have been in this position for only a few weeks but I am impressed by the quality and professionalism of all district employees and their commitment to this community and its young people.  I have found this community to be very supportive of the school system, as evidenced by their considerable donations and support of extracurricular activities and by their attendance at school events.  Further, my perception is that the five school board members elected by this community serve without personal agendas, as their focus is about making decisions that will benefit current and future students.

    Is West Burlington Independent School District Effective?  Reading or listening to sound educational research will tell you that effective schools are unique, however, being perceived as an effective school or district may only be relative to expectations and parameters of the past and not to the current realities or the needs of the future.  Effective schools have an inherent responsibility to recognize and fulfill the educational needs and expectations of the local community while addressing and providing for the broad purpose of education. Effective schools should extend to their students the ability to read many kinds of writings and to judge the veracity of those writing.  Their students should be given an understanding of the structure and workings of our government and the role they play in that process. Those students should be given a basic understanding of the technological nature of our culture and the scientific issues affecting the future of our society. Effective schools should give their students the tools to make them wise consumers of the many forms of media and the materials presented to them, and those students must be able to write and speak to make their views known in debates of public policy.  Effective schools also have a responsibility to provide experiential opportunities for youngsters to discover and develop talents and interests that may enhance their lives and give them direction to their futures. Click Here to Read more

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  • This Week At A Glance

    Thursday, July 18th -
    8:00am High School Girls Basketball @ West Burlington Jr/Sr High School HS Gym

    Saturday, July 20th -
    7:00pm Baseball: Varsity @ TBD

    Tuesday, July 23rd -
    Baseball: Varsity @ TBA 8:00am High School Girls Basketball @ West Burlington Jr/Sr High School HS Gym

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